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We, NU ACM and ACM-W SCs,
pursue to push youth and
Kazakhstan in IT forward.

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Who We Are

NU ACM and ACM-W Student Chapters aim to develop high-skilled youth in Kazakhstani IT industry

NU ACM Student Chapter and NU ACM-W Student Chapter - are the Kazakhstani branches of the international ACM organization (Association for Computing Machinery).

Our common goal is to develop a competitive and high-skilled youth ready to push the Kazakhstani IT industry forward. We aspire to live in the world, where computing technologies help us in solving the problems of tomorrow, where we use our knowledge and apply our skills to make a positive impact.

Since Autumn 2017, our organizations have shown great professionalism in the organization of the events on the university, city, and republican level.

The first ACM Student Chapters in Kazakhstan

We are the first branches of international ACM Organization in Kazakhstan.

Two awards as the best student club at Nazarbayev University

2018 year- The Technical Club of the year!

2019 year- The Academic Club of the year!

Three more reasons to love us

- Contributing to Gender Equality in Kazakhstani STEM sphere.

- Partnering with international companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, EPAM).

- Organizations of one of the biggest hackathons in Kazakhstan.

Our objectives

Here objectives that define our path and actions for our aim

ACM's objectives - are the foundations on which NU ACM and ACM-W SCs put an emphasis on to reach their own global goals. And our indicators, as trust of international companies on us and awards, being granted thanks to our community, keeps in us a confidence of going on a right path.


Special Interest Groups - are the communities that develop together in special technical areas. We have different objectives, such as Base, ICPC, CyberSecurity, Machine Learning, Web development, Game Development, Mobile development.


Opportunity to meet guest speakers, employees of leading world companies like Google, Facebook, and Bloomberg, and professors of top universities around the globe.


NU ACM Student chapter often organizes guest lectures with IT specialists from international companies, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and local companies.


NU ACM Student Chapter is hosting workshops such as "Design Thinking & Collaborative Problem-Solving Workshop" with professor Widom, "Crush Your Coding Workshop" with Facebook engineers and etc.


The NU ACM Student Chapter is a community of ambitious developers working together towards a common goal. In our society, in addition to valuable knowledge and special experience in programming, you will become a part of a very supportive and close-knit team.


Coding marathons where participants solve real-life problems provided by top worldwide and Kazakhstani companies. The participation in Hackathon, which is absolutely free, paves the way of students for the future work at the sponsor companies.

We've had a great honor to work with some of the largest brands.

Recent Events

Here are some of our featured recent events held in 2019-2020 years.

More events for 2019-2020 you can find here

Way for Scholarships: Girls' Opportunities

October 14, 2019

Speaker: Aishabibi Adambek, 4th year student, winner of Google Women Techmakers, McKinsey NGWL Award, GHC attendee.

Photos from the event

HashCode Hub

February 20, 2020

3.5 day Big Data Course from prof. Widom

Professor Widom is a dean of Engineering at Stanford who visited our university as part of her Instructional Odyssey program. She also held the workshop on Design Thinking and the Roundtable for females.

Photos from the event

Workshop on React by Facebook

February 24, 2020

Workshop was given by Daniel Buchele and Mike Berman, front end engineers at Facebook London.

Photos from the event

Crush Your Coding Interview

October 8, 2019

Speakers: Lucas Moscowicz and Mike Berman, software engineers from Facebook London.

Photos from the event

Local Hack Day

December 2, 2019

Photos from the event

Hour Of Code

December 8, 2019

Photos from the event

codeW: Republican Coding Competition

March 7, 2020

The Republican Contest Sponsored and Co-Organized by Facebook company

Photos from the event

Work with us

Passionate and on the same path with us towards the common aim? Or have some marvelous project ideas for us to work with? Send an offer to us and together we will do that!